Let me explain what I will do
as your California Governor



Many of us have been hurt physically and mentally as well as employment and our schools. On this note, no one is helping us. We have all lost so much! I will make changes for the better, as I said, I’m a businessman. This is what I will do; Every ship that comes from China and arrives in California will have to pay a Ca. Covid Tax, Docking, Unloading tax fees and a Fuel tax. These taxes will be used as a cushion of help in getting Business as well as employees working again. Longshoremen will get a piece of this to make it happen!!



These people are not just coming from Mexico, they are coming from several different countries and even Iran. Our farmers already suffered a drought, they need the water for the fruit and vegetables they grow, for the cows, hogs, chickens, as well as other animals. There is a reason why we have laws and a way of doing things so we don’t get in a negative situation that we can’t get out of, not to mention more people means more crime, landfill issues, smog, crowded highways and byways.  We don’t need higher tax issues, we’re trying to cut taxes, NOT  increase them. An issue that I have seen  before is too many people and not enough jobs. Lets “keep the wall tall and the door small” .



There is so much to be said it could take pages on this subject. All I can say is I will NOT encourage the destruction of property of any kind. A person’s safety will not be compromised. Keep in mind, break a window and your paying for the replacement and inconvenience to all concerned, as well as any issues related.  This STOPS Now! .



There is a wide increase of animals getting beaten up, not well taken care of and chained up, not good. We need stronger laws in protecting our “furry friends”. Criminal’s will pay very heavy fines, part of this money will go to support animal shelters.




Some people placed in care facilities are being mistreated. Some are thrown out due to insurance running out or family member beating them. We must, as human beings, protect, support and help the old and the weak.  We need to do much more than what we’re doing now! For one day we may be there too.  Let there be more love and compassion to let them know we’re here for them.  A much stronger outreach is needed for their safety. Very heavy fines if they are abused.



In every place of business, I don’t care what it is, there  is always one or two jerks… it’s just how it is  BUT  you don’t punish the ENTIRE Police Department!  I will NOT defund in anyway the police department.  They deserve far better pay and much more respect than what they’re getting.Without respect it’s already a bad outcome for everyone.  If an officer says to pull over or stop:  OK  so do it, and do it with respect!



We need better equipment and better air support at the first sight of smoke to reduce acreage destruction and water use.  Governor Newsom has been delinquent in enforcing the required maintenance of rural areas.



The Democrat way of catch and release doesn’t work, it’s already proven many times over that it doesn’t.  Liberal judges in the court system need to support our laws. Too many times criminals are being released without any real punishment for there crimes encouraging repeat offenders. A real failed system.



I’m sure that you’re well aware of the overwhelming population of our homeless located through our cities and beaches.  You probably noticed that in many instances the condition of these locations are less than desirable. Our sidewalks are littered with unsanitary and hazardous clutter, tents, lean-to shelters and various obstacles including liquor bottles and syringe needles, not to mention urine and fecal deposits.  We need to establish and enforce laws enabling us to have clear unimpeded access to our sidewalks at all times. California is not being handled in the proper way. Remember, many of our veterans are homeless and in need of our help and assistance.



We are all ONE people and all lives matter. Everyone needs to respect each other and no one gets any special treatment or advances due to race or color.  This is one way to stop prejudice.  Advancements should be determined by personal skill and not by race or color.  Special treatment goes only to those people who have learning disabilities. They are in their own bracket.



A must have item, No exceptions; If you don’t like guns, it’s OK don’t buy one.  I have several real stories to tell, some are funny that took place and some are life saving of my own. Everyone needs to protect themselves, you never know when something is going to happen, the police can’t always be there on time when you need them, time is of the essence.  It can cost you and your love one’s life or death and a stressful outcome should someone break into your house or business.  The system we now have is very broken, I will change it for the better and make all of our live safer.  Our gun rights can not be destroyed or others will certainly destroy you, a no brainer . It’s very true the intruder usually has a weapon they also work in packs, of  3 or more at once. Why should you take a chance, it’s your life and others that are near you. As your Governor I want schooling & target practice for every gun owner to put in 45 hours on pistol and 45 hours on the rifle, every 4 years, this will help in proficiency of their firearm and safety issues. It’s a tool that is very much needed when it’s needed, it’s better to be in good standings and operation, with both the firearm and operator.



No,  it’s not a good thing to do. This hurts companies, causing them to fail or move to another location. This means you could lose your job. Not good for anyone. We the people depend on these companies for their product, a work place environment and retirement, you don’t want to choke them. They are already dealing with worker’s compensation, liability insurance and fraud due to workers making false claims and several other issues, such as trying to run a business, and keeping You employed. Believe me when I say I know from experience how that all goes.

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